Entertainment programme

During high season, other activities than outdoor sports are on offer at Le Roptai. These activities are organised by the entertainment team, which provides the youngest with a ‘crafts morning’ from Sunday to Friday. This is organised in the ‘Greenhouse’ behind the canteen.

You can also take part in volley ball tournaments, ping pong tournaments, water games in the swimming pool, treasure hunts, game trails etc… You can have a look at the weekly posters during high season.

During high season we also offer evening activities and events at the canteen. We plan on organising one disco night and one live music night per week during high season. Then on a regular basis there are small shows set up by children (and adults) during karaoke or playback nights. We also offer retro style or ‘search for the new talent’ evenings. Every week there is a bingo game for young and old.

‘the young people from the entertainment team were quite enthusiastic, we had a great time!’