Yearly Pitches

It is possible to rent a yearly pitch for a long-term stay. Our yearly pitches are distributed over four specific areas separated from short-term pitches. Yearly pitches are very much appreciated and present you with many advantages.  Under the ‘for sale’ section you will find a list of all available pitches and caravans or mobile homes on sale at Le Roptai.

Yearlong guests have to sign a contract with Le Roptai, which is more advantageous than coming to camp from time to time. The caravan can then stay all year round on the rented pitch, which has a surface area of 100 to 250 m². The pitches can be found in shadowy parts of the wood as well as on open fields.

Enjoy campinglife to the fullest with a yearly pitch at Le Roptai

Some of the mobile homes are for sale With a yearly pitch you can also enjoy the winter wonders of the Ardennes Create your own special campsite with a yearly pitch at Le Roptai

Prices 2019
Yearly pitch (includes: weekend stay and /or holiday stay for 2 people, acces to the sewage system, access to the swimming pool

- Up to 100m² € 990,00 Taxes community  up to 80m² €  39,20
- Per additional m² € 7,50 80–99 m² €  53,00
- From the 3rd till the 5th person (price per person, > 5 yrs) € 40,00 from 100 m² €  63,60
- From 6 people (price per person > 5 yrs) € 30,00    
- Dog (price per dog) € 40,00  Water/Ecotax €  39,00
- Electricity (price per KW) € 0,40 WiFi usage (1,5GBper day) €  20,00
- 10 Local garbage bags (mandatory) € 16,00    
- Visitors (price per person per night > 15 yrs) € 4,00    
- Visitors (price per person per night 5 - 15 yrs) € 3,00    
- Shower tokens € 1,20    
- Deposit for the barrier € 40,00    
- Advance to pay for new yearly gusts € 500,00