Working partners and staff


Manager since 1992

She is the eldest of the Boevé daughters from the ‘second generation’ (see ‘Le Roptai since 1932’). After university studies (graduation in psychology) and after having worked several jobs as an educational psychologist in Belgium and abroad, she decided to take the reins of the family business in 1991. She knew the company very well since she had helped her father for many years as a teenager, and then worked at the campsite during holidays as a student. She officially took charge in the summer of 1992, and from the winter 1991-92 had followed a two-year specialised training programme to become  a ‘company manager in outdoor catering’.



Manager and in charge of technical services since 1989

Paul has worked for several years as an electromechanical engineer at La Sabena (former Belgian airlines company), then started to work at Le Roptai. He had married the youngest of the three Boevé daughters from the second generation (see ‘LeRoptai since 1932’)




in charge of contacts with guests and clients


Family member and working partner general maintenance


Started in 1990 to work at reception as a student then went on to carry out administrative and catering tasks. He is since 2010 a working partner for PR. During summertime he is in charge of ‘La Cafet’ and the activity program.



Working partner for cleaning services