Our wood

Our 1 hectare wood is actually located right in the middle of Le Roptai campsite. The path leading to the yearly pitches, the swimming pool, the small Norwegian chalets and the camping field make up a 1 km circle around the wood. It is possible to pitch one’s tent in the wood, even though there are only a few plugs to get connected to the electricity grid. The small clearings are ideal for little tents.

The small wood is also an ideal place to organise games. During summertime we organise treasure hunts, and children also play hide-and-seek or catch-me-if-you-can. The Roptai Outdoor team set up a play ground for laser tag and a village where huts offer different activities to children. They can also build their own small hut or perform a show on the podium.
In our wood you will also find two rows for ‘petanque’. On 15th August some regular and motivated guests organise a huge and festive ‘petanque’ tournament!

‘we had a good laugh during the animal sound game, one of the donkeys was always going ‘hee-haw’  Laughing