Walking, Biking, Riding

The woods at Le Roptai and beyond are ideal to have short or long walks. It is actually very difficult to get lost. But if you’d like to follow a trail we recommend the walk ‘Les Geais’ (Jays). It is 5 km long and takes about one hour and a half. It goes through the wood behind the campsite and comes back through the village, and is marked with a yellow diamond-shaped sign on a white background. The walk includes some big uphill parts and goes along former mining holes, the deepest of which goes down 80 metres!

During summertime the entertainment team offers an walk  from time to time.

On top of that the tourist offices in Rochefort and Wellin marked about 30 walks that often have their starting point near the church or the tourist office of the local village. They are laps, and you can walk several of them where they intersect. This makes for walks from 3 to 12 km. At reception trail maps are on sale, where these walks are fully described.
Other villages in the vicinity, such as Daverdisse and Tellin, also offer way-marked walks. If you need more information don’t hesitate to ask us at the reception desk! We will also gladly explain how you can walk or bike to Han-sur-Lesse or Lavaux-St.Anne by following a very simple and nice path.

On the backhand side of the Rochefort trail map there are also two maps with 4 way-marked trails for bikers of 20 to 60 km and 4 way-marked trails for mountain bikers of 6 to 13km, for the most ‘active’ people.

Biking and mountain biking are good options for those who already practice a sport. The Lesse valley is flat in its most parts, however the campsite is located on a hill which you will always have to climb after your day out. Mountainbikes are for rent at the Tourist Office in Han-sur-Lesse

The Country of Famenne, going from Le Roptai to Durbuy, is also an ideal location for a bike ride on green paths designed for bikers.  You can enjoy a 450 km network of trails with many intersections and an endless choice to plan your adventure!

What will you experience? Nothing less but magnificient and surprising landscapes, and great chill-outs in the heart of nature. There is no better way to discover and enjoy the beauty of the Ardennes woods and the typical architecture of our villages!

A map of ‘Biking Famennne’ is available for € 5 at reception. Intersections 173 and 174 are only a few kilometres away from the campsite, just like one of the RAVEL network paths.

You also have the option of a horse ride in the countryside near the village of Chanly. Whether you are an experienced or beginner rider, all the info is at reception!

Het Pays de Famenne, dat zich uitstrekt van Le Roptai tot Durbuy is ook dé ideale omgeving voor fietstochten langs groene fietsvriendelijke wegen.